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When it's time to press record, these tools come into play

Vocal Booth to Go

Vocal Booth To Go

a great website for sound dampening blanks, vocal booths, and more. Portable and affordable. The site includes tutorials and instructions on how to set up your own vocal booth, and sound dampening bla

Adobe Audition

One of the most powerful audio tools. It is both a multi-track recording as well as an audio editor (for removing ums, etc). Great built in effects (dynamic multi-brand compression). It works on Mac o

Hindenburg Journalist

Who would name their company Hindenburg? The company that realizes the audio of the Hindenburg crash was all about capturing the story. Hindenburg is a powerful system with just the right amount of f


Audacity is a free multi-track recording software that works on Mac, PC, Linux. It has a ton of features and a huge community with tutorials. Many people use it because its free. Website