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This is such a powerful tool, the thing I love about it, is you can sync your calendar with pretty much whatever calendar you’re using. I use Google Calendar and I love the fact that if I’m in front of somebody, and we set up an appointment, it syncs with the Google Calendar. Then if somebody online goes to schedule an event, they can’t double book me because it’s all synced together.

You can accept online payments from stripe from square from PayPal.
You can use this for not only scheduling, but you can also have different scheduling types (and forms) so you can use it for coaching calls for clients, and use it for booking guests. If you’re a consultant there is no hoping someone pays for an invoice before the session. They pay when they book the session. Consequently, you have much less “no shows.”

Another reason there are fewer “No Shows” is the system can remind the person via email or text.

There are also reports so you can see what kind of money you made this month.

But it’s not just consulting. You can also offer things like gift certificates, packages, memberships, and group classes.

One of the ways you can make money is you can sell classes or paid webinars.  This is a group coaching for only X amount of people, you can create a class and specify how many people can sign up that way it actually has that scarcity as there are only so many seats available.

You can meet clients anywhere, this actually syncs with zoom, which is great. There are all sorts of integrations that you can do. You can easily share your calendar via Facebook or Instagram or email, whatever you’re doing and of course, you can customize everything to match your brand.

I know there are other tools out there that do scheduling. For me, I’ve been using acuity for probably a decade at this point and I just love it. – Dave Jackson