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BackBeat Media was founded with a simple principle in mind: take headaches away from site publishers. We started this business before the word “Blog” meant anything, but that’s certainly our target publisher: the person or small group of people who have a message to deliver, know how to deliver it well, but don’t want the headaches of going out and running the rest of their web business. Along those lines, we provide our site and podcast publishers with a variety of services. The core of it all is advertising sales. By removing the burden of selling advertising space on their site or podcast, a publisher can receive an income while focusing on what they do best: publish content for their readers. In addition to providing full ad sales support (including sales, ad serving, billing, and accounting), BackBeat Media also offers publishers other optional services, like web hosting, subscriptions, and public relations consulting. If a publisher already has a handle on these ancillary services, we at BackBeat Media are happy to simply provide our comprehensive advertising sales support and let them do the rest. Our message to site publishers is this: Whatever works for you, works for us. Because of our boutique advertising model, we can’t accept every publisher that crosses our path. It needs to be a perfect match for one of our existing channels (or one that we’re creating!), otherwise, it’s not going to work for anyone. We spend a lot of time getting to know prospective publishers and their sites or podcasts before beginning work together, and that’s so everyone knows what to expect for a fruitful, long-term business relationship.