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We’re creating tools to streamline podcast sponsorship.Here at cast.market, we think a few tools could improve the world of podcasting and would love to hear from you.

A marketplace to list your show. Sponsors send out sponsor requests, and you decide or not to accept. Pricing is in CPM which stands for price per thousand downloads. So if you get $20 CPM that would be $20/1000 or .02 per download. Keep in mind they take 7.1% so

($20*.925) = $18.5

$18.5/1000 = .0185 per download

So if your show was getting 300 downloads per episode you would make $5.55

From their website: “cast.market is a free service. We don’t charge podcasters anything. Through the campaign creator businesses can pay podcasters directly to sponsor their show. Our credit card processor charges 2.9% + .30 cents for this. cast.market adds an additional 7.1%”