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Most scheduling tools put the burden on the recipient. SavvyCal makes it easy for both parties to find the best time to meet—in an instant.

Create personalized links in seconds to make a great impression while also reducing the steps needed to schedule a time. Allow recipients to overlay their calendar on top of yours to easily find mutual availability.

With SavvyCal, you can quickly make changes across multiple meeting types at the same time. Present availability windows in a particular order to encourage recipients to pick the optimal time.

Set limits for how many meetings can be booked per day, week, or month so you always reserve time for deep work.

Preview and manually allow or block off time before sending so you can share your availability with confidence.

Allow recipients to book as little or as much time as they need with you without having to send over multiple links.

Let visitors schedule time without ever leaving your website. Trigger your embedded link via hyperlink, the floating button, or a JavaScript call.

You shouldn’t have to feel weird about sending out your scheduling link. Switch to SavvyCal and people will be complimenting you on the scheduling experience. It’s the scheduling tool both you and your recipients will love.