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Welcome to the expertly-curated, best royalty free music library for YouTubers, podcasters, advertisers, filmmakers, and all other content creators. They add 200 songs to their library every month. You can purchase an unlimited license.

When you need quality music, Soundstripe is the answer. They were founded by three professional musicians, who are obsessed with quality. Our Grammy-winning sound engineers ensure every song in our library is exceptional. Plus, we add new music every week. No matter what project you’re working on, we’ve got the songs you need.

Never worry about licensing again. With Soundstripe, your membership covers the cost for every song license. Just find the right track, download the file, and get a custom license. That’s it. No channel or media-specific fees, no recurring royalties, ever. Here’s more good news: you have unlimited licenses. Go ahead, download as many songs as you want.