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Telbee is a great way to send and receive message with your audience. Listen via your website, social media, podcasts & email
‍Embed voice recorders, trigger as pop-ups, or link to dedicated URLs.

Want some feedback on an episode? You can have your player on one side of the screen, and a telbee button on the other for people to click and leave feedback.

You can have telbee be a pop-up when people click or have a widget on your site.

Not only will the person get your audio, but you can send text with links. This is a great way to communicate with coaches. You can leave a message along with a link for more information.

From their website, “We’re excited about empowering companies of all shapes and sizes to build genuine, long-lasting relationships with their customers by providing them with the technology they need to listen, speak and understand. When you go the extra mile to make your customers feel heard, understood, and valued, they’ll be sure to value you right back.”


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